From the engineering to the implementation of connected objects


Intervention Methods

On request

Tell us your needs and we will provide you with a turnkey solution based on industrialised methods, ideal both in terms of technology and budget.

  • Installation and operation of your infrastructure
  • Technical supervision or assistance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Diagnostics of IT system reliability, etc.

In project mode

Entrusting your project to an outside partner requires commitment and reliability. Our expertise in coordinating complex and innovative projects provides you with:

  • A single contact name for all your questions
  • A high-performance management and monitoring tool
  • A qualified and geolocalised skill base
  • A global solution integrating all services
  • Local proximity to ensure proper service levels

Choose a complete solution, with an experienced and driven team, Europe-wide geographical coverage and total integration.


Do you need support on demand, or need to completely outsource a team? From engineers to IT consultants, we provide the resources you need when you need them.

Our experts provide you with assistance for implementation, but also with technological monitoring and pragmatic advice on the security and optimisation of your IT infrastructure:

  • IT requirements assessment
  • Installation of IT systems, infrastructure, solutions
  • User technical support
  • Implementation of procedures and improvement recommendations
  • Project and development coordination
  • Business continuity or recovery plan

Drawn from various sectors, our experts bring specific insight to address your business issues and strategy.


Support resources available

On top of technical support, AIRRIA pays particular attention to the end customer’s satisfaction, with a strong focus on customer relations.

Technologies evolve, user requirements increase. Entrust your IT services to us and focus solely on your core activity:

  • Management and development of your IT system
  • Effective support for your users, on-site or remotely
  • Industrialisation of processes to optimise costs and service levels
  • Reposition your teams on projects with greater added value

Outsourcing all or part of your CIOs is the best solution: optimise your costs, improve service levels and manage your data in all security and confidence.



More than 1,000 interventions across Europe carried out by bilingual support engineers. AIRRIA provides technical resources matching demand in a challenging industrial environment.

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